När de egna orden inte räcker till...


... får man låna av andra...


Do Me A Favour - Arctic Monkeys:
Well the morning was complete.
There was tears on the steering wheel dripping on the seat,
Several hours or several weeks,
I'd have the cheek to say they're equally as bleak!

It's the beginning of the end, the car went up the hill,
And disappeared around the bend, ask anyone they'll tell you that.
It's these times that it tends,
The start to breaking up, to start to fall apart
Oh! hold on to your heart.

Do me a favour, break my nose!
Do me a favour, tell me to go away!
Do me a favour, stop asking questions!

She walked away, well her shoes were untied,
And the eyes were all red,
You could see that we've cried, and I watched and I waited,
'Till she was inside, forcing a smile and waving goodbye.

Curiousity becomes a heavy load,
Too heavy to hold, too heavy to hold.
Curiousity becomes a heavy load,
Too heavy to hold, will force you to be cold.

And do me a favour, and ask if you need some help!
She said, do me a favour and stop flattering yourself!
How to tear apart the ties that bind, perhaps fuck off, might be too kind,
Perhaps fuck off, might be too kind

Postat av: Carola i bloggvärlden

Hej Emma!

Vilken fin blogg. Jag tycker bara att du skulle kunna citera lite fler låtar, till exempel någon riktig klassiker som "Fångad av en stormvind", "Evighet" eller varför inte "Mickey".

Kramar och böner!


2010-04-22 @ 17:35:24
URL: http://carolablogg.blogg.se/

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